Armistice Tribute
11 November

Isle of Lewis
1914 - 1919

The tribute is divided into five parts, each referring to one of the four Civil Parishes in the island, with the town of Stornoway taking the fifth part.
  • Stornoway (including Point and Back, excluding the town area)
  • Lochs (Grimshader and Achmore to Lemreway)
  • Uig (Carloway to Callanish, Great Bernera and Gisla to Brenish)
Faces of the War Memorial

Iolaire Memorial

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Lewis War Memorial, Stornoway

The 23 memorial plaques outside the Lewis War Memorial

War Memorial, Carloway

  • To commemorate the Armistice of the First World War , a random selection of men from the Isle of Lewis, Scotland, is presented on this site. 
  • One face, if a portrait is available, will represent each of the island's 100 villages. 
To give an impression of the sacrifice, made by the men of Lewis, consider these numbers.
  • Every second man from Lewis joined up to fight in the Great War.
  • Every sixth man who joined up, did not return.
  • Two hundred drowned in the sinking of the Iolaire just outside Stornoway harbour on New Year's Day 1919.

Gravestone to an unknown victim of the Iolaire disaster (Sandwick Cemetery).
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