Music from the Lewis Local Mod 2007
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Wednesday 6 June 2007
Folk Groups Secondary Schools S1-S3

Am not able to link a performance with a competing group, for which apologies. Each group performed two songs.

Participating schools and groups:
Nicolson Institute: - Car a'Mhuiltein, Dean Deiseil (winners), Gun Cheist and Da Dhaoine Beaga
Back School
Shawbost School
Lochs School
Lionel School - A and B
Bayble School - A and B

01, 02, 03, 04, 05
06, 07, 08, 09, 10
11, 12, 13, 14, 15
16, 17, 18

Thursday 7 June
Folk Groups Primary Schools

Aird School 1+2
Laxdale School 1, Laxdale School 2
Back School 1, Back School 2
Shawbost School 1, Shawbost School 2
Balallan School 1, Balallan School 2
Cross School 1, Cross School 2
Lionel School 1, Lionel School 2
Lochs School,
Knock School 1, Knock School 2
Bayble School 1, Bayble School 2
Breasclete School 1, Breasclete School 2
Stornoway Primary 1, Stornoway Primary 2

Friday 8 June

Unison Singing (schoolroll 51 or more)

Laxdale School
Back School
Stornoway Primary
Sandwickhill School
Lochs School
Bayble School
Lionel School

Melodeon (under 13s)

Josh Campbell
Eilidh Morrison
Caitlin Nicolson
Anne Marie MacLeod
Annabel MacLennan
Emily Connor
Lorna MacMillan
Leah MacLeod
Mairi Graham
Elaine MacDonald

Keyboard (under 13s)

Alexander MacDonald (1st, 2nd)
Amanda Nicolson
Eilidh Nicolson
Sara MacIver
Eilidh MacAlpine
Kymberly Morrison
Isabella Bain
Kate MacLeod
Josie Duncan
Katie Henderson
Kirsty MacDonald
Daisy Nash
Peigi Ann Scott

Keyboard (13-18)

Mairi MacDonald
Misha MacPherson (long silent intro)
Anne-Louise Stewart
Christina L. MacLeod
Alanna McCuaig