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First World War
- Lewis
Faces from the War Memorial
Lewis losses WW1 (detailed information)
Roll of Honour WW 1
Iolaire Disaster

Lewis Internees in Holland
Lewismen in Canadian service
Lewismen in Australian service
Lewismen from the 2nd Seaforths
Stornoway Gazette Tributes WW1
John Macaulay & the Kenmare

Second World War - Lewis
World War II Tribute
Gazette Tributes WW2

Other islands' memorials
Harris WW1 and WW2
Uist & Barra Memorial, WW1 and WW2
Outer Hebrides WW1 (detailed info)
Outer Hebrides WW2 (detailed info)

Wargraves & memorials
War Graves in Lewis
War Graves in Western Isles
War Memorials in Lewis
War Memorials in the Western Isles
Lyness Royal Naval Cemetery

Napier Commission reports
Outer Hebrides
Reports for other areas linked to from Outer Hebrides site

Witnesses to the Napier Commission from the Outer Hebrides

Other historical reports
Crofters' Commission (1902)
Dewar Commission (1912)
The history of the Isle of Lewis is dominated by two major events. The Clearances, leading to displacement to elsewhere in Lewis and overseas, and the First World War.

With regards the Clearances, and the struggle for land that took place in Lewis,  the Report by the Napier Commission, which visited the Outer Hebrides in May and June 1883 has been transcribed on-line. This work now also includes other areas of the Highlands and Islands which the Commission visited. The family history for the witnesses from the Outer Hebrides has been researched (for as much as possible) in Witnesses to the Napier Commission.

Related to war history, t
he Roll of Honour lists all those from Lewis who signed up for service in the First World War. It is a direct, unamended, transcription of the original document, first published in 1921. It should be noted that this document contains a notable number of errors and omissions.

Faces from the War Memorial is an attempt to put on-line a list of names, details and where possible portraits of those who laid down their lives for King and Country during the Great War.

Separate attention is paid to the Iolaire Disaster
of 1st January 1919. The Iolaire was the ship that was taking island sailors home after the war. It hit rocks at the Beasts of Holm, two miles outside Stornoway, and sank with the loss of 205 lives. Only 75 were saved. 

Listings of losses 
in the First World War are provided for all the islands in the Outer Hebrides, from Lewis down to Barra. More detailed information on the casualties is presented in separate sites.

Tributes to the Fallen of both World Wars, as printed in the Stornoway Gazette have been transcribed onto two separate websites (Gazette Tributes).

Some of my findings are copied on the Pentland Road blog.
Historical Societies
Barvas & Brue
North Tolsta
West Side

Hebridean Connections

Other resources
Commonwealth War Graves Commission
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Australian Archives
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Volksbund (Germany)

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Hebridean Connections

Iolaire Memorial, Holm

HMS Timbertown, internment camp at Groningen, Holland