Loyal Lewis Roll of Honour 1914-1919
School district Airidhantuim
Village roll Mid Borve
House First name Surname Family relations Rank Unit Date of death Age Circumstances of death Decorations Remarks
1 Malcolm Mackenzie Son of Malcolm Mackenzie Sergeant Cameron Highlanders 1917 25 Killed in action Military Medal for gallantry in France Was one of the champion bombers of his Division
1A Malcolm Mackenzie Son of Kenneth Mackenzie   Gordon Highlanders          
1A William Mackenzie Son of Kenneth Mackenzie   Seaforth Highlanders 1916 19 Killed in action in France    
2 Angus Smith     Royal Naval Reserve          
2 George Smith     Cameron Highlanders         So severely wounded his leg had to be amputated
3 Malcolm Matheson     Cameron Highlanders          
3A Malcolm Macdonald Son of Donald Macdonald   Seaforth Highlanders         Wounded
3A John Macdonald Son of Donald Macdonald   1st Cameron Highlanders 25/09/1915 22 Killed in action at Loos   Was wounded before and only returned to the trenches a month before he was killed
4 Malcolm Mackenzie   Petty Officer Royal Naval Reserve          
5 John Macdonald   Sergeant Gordon Highlanders       Promoted to Sergeant and awarded Military Medal for gallant services in France Crossed to France in August 1914, when only a little over 15 years of age
6A Donald Matheson     Royal Naval Reserve          
6A Murdo Matheson     Royal Naval Reserve          
8 Murdo Mackay     Seaforth Highlanders          
9 Angus Morrison     Royal Naval Reserve          
10 Angus Mackenzie                
10 Donald Mackenzie     Gordon Highlanders         Wounded
10 Norman Mackenzie   Corporal Seaforth Highlanders       Awarded DCM: "for conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty in sole charge of his Lewis gun, the remainder of the team having become casualties. When the enemy counter-attacked he reserved his fire and knocked over many, checking their advance. His company officer was killed while attempting to reach him with Lewis gun magazines, but he retrieved the ammunition and remained firing at his post when men were falling back on both flanks."