Loyal Lewis Roll of Honour 1914-1919
School district Laxdale
Village roll Coulregrein
House First name Surname Family relations Rank Unit Date of death Age Circumstances of death Decorations Remarks
2 William Morrison Son of John Morrison   Canadians 03/11/1918 33 Died of wounds in hospital    
2 Frank H.  Morrison Son of John Morrison   Seaforth Highlanders          
2 William Macqueen     Royal Engineers          
3 Duncan Macleod     Seaforth Highlanders          
3 John Murdo Macleod     Canadians 05/09/1917 26 Killed in France   Wounded
3 William George Macleod     Seaforth Highlanders 05/06/1917 23 Died of wounds received in action    
3 Kenneth Macinnes     Seaforth Highlanders 13/01/1916   Killed in action in Mesopotamia    
4 John Macleod     Royal Engineers          
4 James R.  Macleod     Seaforth Highlanders          
4 John Murdo Macleod     Seaforth Highlanders         Wounded and gassed
5 William Macdonald     Royal Naval Reserve          
8 Neil Macaulay     Seaforth Highlanders         Wounded and gassed
9 Alexander Macdonald     Royal Engineers          
11 Alex Maclean     Seaforth Highlanders          
12 Angus Fraser     Seaforth Highlanders         Seriously wounded
12 Thomas Stewart     2nd Highland Light Infantry 13/11/1914 31 Killed in action   Served 9 years in India with regiment, and was mobilised as a Reservist on the outbreak of war
14 James Lamb     Seaforth Highlanders          
Cross Street John Macmillan Son of Malcolm Macmillan   Canadians Mounted Rifles 1918 42 Killed in action     
Cross Street Donald Macmillan Son of Malcolm Macmillan   Royal Army Medical Corps          
Cross Street Malcolm  Bain     Seaforth Highlanders          
Cross Street Angus Munro     Seaforth Highlanders         Injured and discharged
Cross Street A.D. Munro     Royal Engineers          
Cross Street John Munro     Seaforth Highlanders          
Cross Street David Robertson     Royal Engineers