Loyal Lewis Roll of Honour 1914-1919
School district Lionel
Village roll Skigersta
House First name Surname Family relations Rank Unit Date of death Age Circumstances of death Decorations Remarks
1A Angus Macfarlane     Royal Naval Reserve          
1B Alexander Murray     Royal Naval Reserve          
1B Donald Murray     Merchant Navy          
1B Murdo Murray   Lance Corporal King's Own Scottish Borderers         Seriously wounded in Palestine on 8/11/1917
2 Angus Morrison Son of Murdo Morrison   Canadians Jun-17 29 Killed in action in France    
5 Angus Macdonald     Seaforth Highlanders         Wounded twice
7 Donald Macdonald     Merchant Navy          
8 Donald Morrison     Canadians          
8 Murdo John Morrison               Survivor of Iolaire
9 Norman Morrison     Highland Light Infantry         Wounded in Palestine on 8/11/1917
10 John Macdonald Son of John Macdonald   Royal Naval Reserve 01/01/1919 32 Lost in Iolaire    
11 John Murray     Royal Naval Reserve          
11 Roderick Murray     Merchant Navy          
11 Norman Murray     Canadians          
11 Alexander Murray Son of Mary Murray   Seaforth Highlanders 06/11/1917 24 Killed in action in Mesopotamia    
13 Donald Mackay     Royal Naval Reserve          
13 Norman Mackay     Cameron Highlanders         Wounded in France May 1915
14 Norman Mackay     Merchant Navy          
14 Angus Mackay     Seaforth Highlanders         Wounded 9/5/1915
16 John Morrison Son of Alex Morrison   2nd Seaforth Highlanders 01/07/1916 18 Killed in action in France    
17 Donald Mackay Son of Malcolm Mackay   Seaforth Highlanders         Wounded twice
17 Murdo Mackay Son of Malcolm Mackay   1st Seaforth Highlanders 09/05/1915 19 Killed in action in France    
18 Alexander Campbell     Royal Naval Reserve          
18 Donald Finlayson Son of George Finlayson   Royal Naval Reserve          
18 Neil Finlayson Son of Norman Finlayson   Seaforth Highlanders         Wounded in France, April 1915
18 Angus Finlayson Son of Norman Finlayson   Cameron Highlanders Nov-14 20 Died of wounds in France    
20 Angus Mackenzie     Royal Naval Reserve          
20 Murdo Mackenzie     Royal Naval Reserve          
21 John Mackay     Seaforth Highlanders         Wounded three times
22 Ang Thomson     Gordon Highlanders         Wounded in France 14/12/1914
26 Norman Maclean     Royal Naval Reserve          
32 Donald Mackay     Canadians