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5 1 Appendix A.I  Statement by Rev Joseph Lamont, Snizort
5 4 Appendix A.II  Statement by five Bernisdale tenants
5 5 Appendix A.III  Statement by Rev James Grant, Kilmuir
5 8 Appendix A.IV  Statement by Rev James M Davidson, Stenscholl
5 10 Appendix A.V  From Rev John S Mcphail, Kilmuir and Stenscholl
5 13 Appendix A.VI  Statement by James Urquhart and Alexander Mcleod, Kilmuir
5 17 Appendix A.VII  Statement by Capt Allan Macdonald, Waternish
5 22 Appendix A.VIII  Statement by Rev D Johnstone, Waternish
5 24 Appendix A.IX  Statement by Macleod of Macleod
5 29 Appendix A.X  Statement by Rev Archibald Clerk, Kilmallie
5 34 Appendix A.XI  Statement by Rev D McCallum, Duirinish
5 38 Appendix A.XII  Statement by John T Mackenzie, Dunvegan
5 42 Appendix A.XIII  Statement by Rev Donald Mackinnon, Strath
5 52 Appendix A.XIV  Statement by Rev Alexander Cameron, Sleat
5 58 Appendix A.XV  Statement by Rev Finlay Graham, Sleat
5 59 Appendix A.XVI  Statement by Rev James Ross, Bracadale
5 60 Appendix A.XVII  Statement by John Robertson, Greshornish
5 62 Appendix A.XVIII  Statement by Rev A Galbraith
5 68 Appendix A.XIX  Statement by Alex Macdonald, Treaslane
5 69 Appendix A.XX Statement concerning properties in Skye
5 72 Appendix A.XXI  Notes on Kilmuir
5 75 Appendix A.XXII  Statement of Major William Fraser
5 77 Appendix A.XXIII  Number of decrees of removing
5 80 Appendix A.XXIV  Statement by Donald Macdonald, Tormore
5 95 Appendix A.XXV  Statement by Rev Archibald Macdonald, Barra
5 96 Appendix A.XXVI  Statement by Rev James Chisholm, Barra
5 97 Appendix A.XXVII  Statement by Right Rev Angus Macdonald, Bishop of Argyll & the Isles, Oban
5 113 Appendix A.XXVIII  Statement by Rev Roderick Macdonald, South Uist
5 117 Appendix A.XXIX  Statement by Rev Alexander Macintosh, Dalibrog
5 121 Appendix A.XXX  Statement by Rev Alexander Campbell, Bornish
5 123 Appendix A.XXXI  Statement by Rev Donald Macintosh, Benbecula
5 125 Appendix A.XXXII  Letters home by emigrants from Benbecula
5 135 Appendix A.XXXIII  Statement by Rev John A. Macrae, North Uist
5 137 Appendix A.XXXIV  Statement by Rev Angus Maciver, Uig (Lewis)
5 141 Appendix A.XXXV  Statement by Rev Angus Macritchie, Knock (Point)
5 147 Appendix A.XXXVI  Statement by Rev Roderick Macrae, Carloway
5 149 Appendix A.XXXVII  Statement by Rev James Strachan, Barvas
5 151 Appendix A.XXXVIII  Statement by Rev James Strachan, Barvas (on sheriff Macdonald)
5 152 Appendix A.XXXIX  Statement on behalf of Lady Matheson of the Lews
5 155 Appendix A.XL  Report by John Duthie on fisheries to J. Munro Mackenzie
5 157 Appendix A.XLI  Statement by William Mackay, chamberlain to the Lews Estate (includes letters from emigrants)
5 175 Appendix A.XLII  Statement by Sheriff William Black, sheriff depute (re fishery)
5 179 Appendix A.XLIII  Statement by Rev J. Martin, Stornoway
5 194 Appendix A.XLIV  Statement by Napier Campbell, solicitor
5 205 Appendix A.XLV  Statement by Rev Ewan Campbell, Lochs
5 207 Appendix A.XLVI  Statement by John Scobie, former factor of the Lews
5 210 Appendix A.XLVII  Statement by Roderick Campbell, North Dell
5 213 Appendix A.XLVIII  Statement by Alexander Carmichael; part of Appendix A. XCIX
5 217 Appendix A.XLIX Statement by John Bruce, Sumburgh
5 219 Appendix A.L Statement by John Bruce younger, Sumburgh
5 226 Appendix A.LI Statement by Major Thomas M. Cameron, Garth & Annsbrae
5 233 Appendix A.LII Statement of Robert Bell, Lunna
5 238 Appendix A.LIII The Case of Robert Gear, Foula
5 245 Appendix A.LIV Statement by Mr James Twatt of Rothiesholm, Stronsay
5 246 Appendix A.LV Statement by J. G. Moodie Heddle
5 248 Appendix A.LVI Statement by Lieut-General F. W. Traill Burroughs of Rousay
5 249 Appendix A.LVII Alleged evictions of crofters of Rousay
5 269 Appendix A.LVIII Statement of the Rev Charles Clouston, Minister of Sandwick
5 270 Appendix A.LIX Remarks on the agricultural classes in the North Isles of Orkney
5 281 Appendix A.LX Statement by Mr James Brown, Delegate, Torse, Caithness. 
5 282 Appendix A.LXI Petition from the Inhabitants of the Island of Stroma
5 283 Appendix A.LXII Statement of William R. Tait, Esq., C.E., Factor for the Murkle Estates, Caithness. 
5 286 Appendix A.LXIII Statement by General Sir Arnold Kemball. K.C.B., &c, Commissioner for His Grace the Duke of Sutherland, K.G.
5 290 Appendix A.LXIV Statement by John Crawford, Esq., Factor for His Grace the Duke of Sutherland, K.G., in the Tongue District.
5 312 Appendix A.LXV Alleged cases of Hardship on the Estate of His Grace the Duke of Sutherland K.G.
5 324 Appendix A.LXVI Scheme of Mr George Greig for Advancing Money to Small Tenants on the Security of their Stock.
5 326 Appendix A.LXVII Statements submitted by the Crofters of the Parish of Dornoch.
5 330 Appendix A.LXVIII Statement by the Rev. J. Ross, Free Church Minister, Durness, Sutherlandshire.
5 333 Appendix A.LXIX Statement by the Rev. John Macpherson, Free Church, Lairg.
5 334 Appendix A.LXX Statementby the Rev. William Hall Telford
5 341 Appendix A.LXXI Statement by Kenneth Mackenzie, Crofter, Scoraig
5 342 Appendix A.LXXII Statement by John Barclay, Public Accountant, Inverness.
5 353 Appendix A.LXXIII Statement by John Forsyth, Esq., Balnagown Estates Office,
5 355 Appendix A.LXXIV Petition from 400 Fishermen of Easter Ross. 
5 356 Appendix A.LXXV Statement by ANDREW SMITH, Esq., Law Agent, Dingwall.
5 358 Appendix A.LXXVI Statement by WILLIAM BRUCE, Esq., M.D., Dingwall.
5 361 Appendix A.LXXVII Statement by J. M'GILCHRIST ROSS, Distiller and Farmer, Teaninich, Alness, Ross-shire
5 364 Appendix A.LXXVIII Statement by N. J. M'GILLIVRAY, Esq., of Dunma Glass, Inverness-shire.
5 365 Appendix A.LXXIX Statement of the Rev. ANGUS M'RAE, Free Church Minister, Glen Urquhart, Inverness-shire. 
5 368 Appendix A.LXXX Statement by LORD LOVAT regarding Glenstrathfarrer Deer Forest.
5 370 Appendix A.LXXXI Statement by the Rev. JAMES BAIN, Minister of Duthil, Inverness-shire.
5 373 Appendix A.LXXXII Statement by the Hon. THOMAS CHARLES BRUCE, M.P., 
5 376 Appendix A.LXXXIII Statement concerning F. W . CALDWELL, Esq. of Mishnish, and Rev. Charles ALEXANDER ALLAN, Esq. of Aros.
5 378 Appendix A.LXXXIV Statement by WALTER ELLIOT, Esq., Manager for T. V. Smith, Esq. of Ardtornish.
5 389 Appendix A.LXXXV Information respecting the Island and other Estates of His Grace the Duke of ARGYLL, K.G., K.T.
5 395 Appendix A.LXXXVI Alleged cases of neglect by parish officers, J. Murdoch, Parochial Board, Bunessan. 
5 398 Appendix A.LXXXVII Statement for the Free Church and its Committee for the Highlands,
5 415 Appendix A.LXXXVIII Statement by W. ANDERSON SMITH, Esq., on Fisheries. 
5 417 Appendix A.LXXXIX Notes on the Fisheries on the West Coast of Scotland, by Captain THOMAS A. SWINBURNE, R.N., of Eilean Shona, Argyllshire.
5 420 Appendix A.XC Destitution in Easter Ross, 1783.
5 424 Appendix A.XCI Statement from 1881 regarding HIGHLAND CLUB FARMS, by the late WILLIAM MACKENZIE, Esq., Factor for Ardross and Lochalsh 
5 430 Appendix A.XCII Communication on the West Coast (Lochinver)
5 431 Appendix A.XCIII Further statement William Mackay, chamberlain to the Lews Estate
5 434 Appendix A.XCIV Statement regarding Deer Forests in the Highlands. 
5 439 Appendix A.XCV Further statement by John Bruce, Esq. of Sumburgh. 
5 440 Appendix A.XCVI Correspondence regarding alleged Eviction of Crofters in Mull.
5 449 Appendix A.XCVII Extract from a letter of Rev J. G. Macneill, Free Church Manse, Portnahaven
5 450 Appendix A.XCVIII Reply of Lord Napier to Statement of General Burroughs (Appendix LVI)
5 451 Appendix A.XCIX Grazing customs in the Outer Hebrides, Alexander Carmichael
5 483 Appendix A.C EXTRACTS from Books Illustrating Statements in REPORT
5 513 Appendix A.CI Number of men from counties in North Britain serving various military units
5 514 Appendix A.CII TABLE showing the Population, Pauperism, and Expenditure on Poor Relief 
5 516 Appendix B Pro-formas for estate owners, and replies
5 580 Appendix C Deerforests